Companies are exposed to always changing enviromental and market conditions: The MFW Finance GmbH helps you to keep your orientation and to steer your company to a long-term success. Together with you we will search for the success relevant aspects. Together we will form a purposeful strategy out of the revealed field of action and factors to success and we will design the fitting basic principles. 

  • Establishment of Companies
  • Consultation for the building of your company 
  • Consultation for purchasing or selling companies 
  • Solutions for the succession
  • Budget and liquidity plans
  • Controlling / Management-informationsystems
  • startegic advise, business plans 
  • Restructuring, company amalgamation, liquidation
  • Deputies, temporary management 
  • Financial reporting, group financial statements 
  • Management
  • Take-Over of administrative council-mandate
  • Garnting residence

Other Services:
Describe us your matter and we will advise you and your company to find a fitting solution.