We garantee you neat bookkeeping and gladly advise you in financial matters. You can choose  the amount of services you want to apply to very freely and on your own account. We offer you a suitable solution from Bookkeeping to the use of Controllinginstruments, to personneladministration and to the administration of insurances.


Finance Accounting

With the help of your accounting department we form the financially relevant business processes of your company. With it we build with individual drafts of the accounts a transparent and easily comprehensible accounting.


During the year we will take care of the punctual writing and submission of the VAT-list and at the of the year we will create an account statement. We match all the accounts and carry out an accrual basis accounting. Before we present you the definitiv account statement and the annual report with the financial statement, the profit and loss account, the appendix and a suggestion of the allocation of profits, we will check the inventory.


Do you define a well done personneladministration as a solution between intern and exetrn partners with all the administrative tasks  well balanced with your staff? Then you are exactly right with us.


We help you with:

  • the efficient planning of events
  • the keeping of legal provisions
  • the accession and resignation administration


Appart from that the list of social incurance and withholding Tax as well as the Payroll are part of our services. 

We can specificly take care for you of the following tasks: 


  • Writing of contracts
  • Registration for insurances ( OASI/ALV, Accident, KTG, BVG)
  • Registration for Familiy Allowance
  • List of social incurance and withholding Tax
  • File Administration
  • Master Data Administration
  • Creating of employment certificat template
  • Creating of wages slips
  • Creating of the pay slip
  • Creating of teh wage payment list
  • Credit in the accounts department

Other Services:
Describe us your matter and we will advise you and your company to find a fitting solution.