We care a lot about your property. We make an effort to garantee you a long-lasting and stustainable profitability. Besides the administrative tasks, that we can take care of, we assure you to always keep the property technically in a good state.


Administration and Bookkeeping

  • Publication of the rented property
  • Settlement and cancelling of tenancy agreements
  • Look after tenant matters
  • Processing of rent adjustments
  • Management of the real estate accounting including budgeting
  • Writing of service charge statements
  • Collection of the rent and incidental costs
  • Checking of the vendor invoice
  • Reporting(monthly and quarterly financial report)



First Letting

We support you on your first letting objects with the planning of the rent and target group based marketingcampaign. We analyse the market as well as the location to launch a success. Besides our services you may also acess following offers: 

  • Definition of the target group 
  • Writing of letting and marketing concepts 
  • Performing of promotional measures
  • Planning of the rent
  • Calculation of additional costs


Within the context of our Marketing Function, we take the appropriate measures to rent ot your property as soon as possible and with the least costs. We transparently inform you on th eletting status and the achieved results. In addition we offer you the following services: 

  • Organisation of viewings
  • Examination of the financial standing and references of potential tenants 
  • Settlement and cancelling of tenancy agreements
  • The guarantee of security deposits
  • Delivery of the rented property

Real EState company

Various reasons like question of inheritance or tax advantages may speak for holding a property as a real estate company. The tax advantages exist particularly in the field of the tax write-off, because you can't write-off the taxes as a natural person. We gladly advise you in detail on the advantages and disadvantages. Just contact us on the phone or write us an email for an appointment. Benefit from our fiduciary knowledge in the following areas:

  • Company formation
  • Organisation and holding of the general meeting
  • Accounting
  • Taking care of all tax matters

Other Services:
Describe us your matter and we will advise you and your company to find a fitting solution.